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Mnookin has taught poetry in the Boston area at Emerson College, Boston College, and Grub Street, a non-profit writing program. She has taught in elementary and high schools, in private classes, and in writing workshops around the country, including Bend, Oregon; Dallas, Texas; and Chautauqua, New York. She now heads up the Poetry Roundtable at the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement, where she recently taught a course on Louise Glück's Meadowlands.

Special Projects

In addition to more traditional classroom and workshop settings, Mnookin has taught a year-long residency in bilingual classes in an urban elementary school, a mixed genre residency with artist and bookmaker Deborah Davidson, and outreach programs on drug abuse and early childhood loss and grieving.


"She provided one of the best residencies we have ever experienced! She gave our students many excellent lessons and inspired them to write in a way they never thought possible....The most profound impact, though, was on my staff....Ms. Mnookin's workshops with the teachers allowed them to explore their own voices while modeling techniques to draw out the poetic voice of their students."

--teacher at the Neary School, Southborough, MA

"She's just great. She really makes everyone excited about writing, gives wonderful feedback and truly makes an effort to get to know her students. She creates a great learning environment. This was my favorite class ever at BC!"

--student at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA