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Praise for Mnookin's work

"Wendy Mnookin's THE MOON MAKES ITS OWN PLEA...weaves throughout its length some of the most enduring themes in poetry: family bonds and the inevitable losses they imply, the sometimes hazy line between imagination and reality, and the everyday world of nature with its ability to tell us about ourselves in enlightening ways. ....THE MOON MAKES ITS OWN PLEA is a worthy and rewarding volume."

--Peter Makuck, in Tar River Poetry, Spring 2009.

"The poems understand how delight must commingle with heartbreak, and they proceed with a terseness and associative vigor that makes the familiar strange--not for the sake of the easy tour de force, but as a means to arrive at the clarity and hard-won wisdom which these poems strive for and beautifully attain."

--David Wojahn, author of Interrogation Palace: New and Selected Poems

From the Book


At the end of the jetty.

Where the boats come in. Where the boats go out. At the pile of rocks that swallows the sun at the end of the day.

At the turn of the trail. At the last dune.

In front of the hot-dog stand. At the door to the pub. By the shanty, the shipbuilder's yard, the discarded yellow boots, the smashed clam shells.

You thought I'd give in to despair.
But today is today, everywhere I look. And I look everywhere.