Tomatoes and the Writing Habit

Without internet

December 9, 2012

Tags: inernet, self sufficiency, Outward Bound, Boundary Waters, marriage, grandchildren, Comcast

I thought I'd be fine without internet. Aren't I self-sufficient? Someone who loves to read, write, take long walks, someone who can spend hours sitting and staring out the window? No internet would be a boon. More time for the things I loved.

I knew that this image of myself might be slightly skewed (more…)

Am I a Jewish Writer?

October 22, 2012

Tags: Jewish writers, Jewish writers interviews, poetry, writing advice

Here's my interview with Jody Carr for her series of Jewish writers interviews, published on Carr Talks at

If you hadnít been a writer, what would you have been?

At one point I took my law boards and applied to law school. Itís strange to think (more…)

Tomatoes and the Writing Habit

August 28, 2012

Tags: writing, writing habit, discipline, excess, tomatoes

I know how I should be writing: each day, day after day, so the words accumulate at a steady pace, so my writing mind gets into a groove. For years at a stretch, when my kids were little, I wrote every morning from the moment they went off to school till the minute they (more…)

What I Read--and Didn't Write--This Summer

August 22, 2012

Tags: reading, writing, poems, poetry, summer, travel, Exodus, O Jerusalem, Six Days of War, The Prime Ministers, Canada, Martin Beck mysteries, The Elegant Gathering of White Snows

Summer. With time to read. And time to write. What a relief after the busy-ness of the school year, when I'm trying to balance teaching with my own reading and writing. I had high hopes for this summer. I planned to spend uninterrupted hours reading the poetry books and journals that were piling up (more…)

Interview on Women Writing Grief

May 30, 2012

Tags: daughters, writing, grief, daughters writing grief, Ploughshares, father, death, listening, poet, poetry

My first post on this last day of May is a link to a conversation with Patricia Caspers Rogers on the Ploughshares blog series, Women Versing Life. Like me, Tricia is a poet who writes about the death of her father. Her fine manuscript is titled Life with Fever. I enjoyed working with Tricia (more…)

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